Couples Therapy: Go Through a Journey to Strengthen Your Bond

Having a relationship is difficult. It involves a lot of hard work, unquestionable devotion, unconditional love and – of course – going through challenging periods. Life is unpredictable, and many things you thought would never happen somehow find a way to enter your life. What makes a relationship strong is a strong will and determination to deal with those situations. It helps you to grow and evolve, increase intimacy  and results in feeling even stronger and more powerful. However, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you have just entered it.

Have You Lost Your Way?

All relationships have common characteristics, but there’s no two same relationships in the whole world. Only you two know what your relationship is made of and what you have been through to get to where you are now. In times of confusion, it’s quite difficult to focus on the positive things, because your minds are clouded with anger and frustration. No matter if you’re a young couple that has just begun their life together, or a mature couple that is going through a crisis, you need to realize that all couples get lost at some point.

Do you feel like your partner isn’t listening? When was the last time you had an honest conversation or shared a long laugh? The first signs of disconnection appear in communication between two people. This can manifest through a lack of patience, an excessive need for fights, that feeling of unsourced annoyance, and practically any inexplicable need for negativity. Now, the first thing you need to do is admit you two are not at your best. You simply can’t expect your issues to simply resolve themselves – if you allow that tension to build up, it will only cause more difficulties, and you two will end up accumulating a bunch of small frustrations and serious problems, and you won’t even know where to start dealing with them.

You Might Have Drifted Apart

Being a modern couple is a lot more complex relationship than our parents and their parents had. The age we live in gave us a lot of useful tools, many smart devices and a diversity of jobs to choose from, which we’re all grateful for. However, it also confused us with its hastiness and unnatural speed, which directly affected all aspects of our lives. Because of all of these factors, it often happens that couples simply drift apart – your daily chores and tasks can occupy more and more of your time if you let them, and when that happens, there’s no more quality time left to spend with your partner.

It’s amazing when things just happen for you two just because of chemistry. That fire never really burns out, and the only thing necessary to keep it going in its finest glory is willpower. The easiest thing to do is to give up. If that’s currently your choice, you might want to reconsider it, because chances are you’ll regret it.

Or Was There a Moment That Made You Feel Estranged?

People need emotional support. It’s only human and healthy for us to want to feel accepted and loved. When we are denied these things, we feel unstable and make rash decisions that, more often than not, lead to mistakes. Whether we require attention or approval, we tend to do or say the wrong things. It is difficult for us to understand where that is coming from, because it is hard to see the sources of our actions in those moments. The hardest thing of all is probably realizing that we are making a mistake.

When our partner behaves this way, seeing through that fog of feelings and unresolved emotions can be tiring and – well – problematic, especially when they alone don’t know where all of that is coming from. Troubles, when it comes to understanding our partner can be more than frustrating – it’s quite maddening that we can’t comprehend someone we know so well, isn’t it?

Say No to Frustration, Anger & Confusion

So, where to start? Most couples believe that some time apart – no matter if it’s a day, a week or a month – will be beneficial, which is a mistake in most cases. Sure, you both need to calm yourselves down, clear your heads and face your true emotions. However, when you’re emotionally distant from your partner, how is it a good idea to separate yourselves physically as well? That can only lead to further estrangement, which I believe is something neither of you desires. All your negative feelings come from petty arguments, problems you haven’t dealt with when you should have and, on top of everything, the anxiety that’s caused by all of that.

There shouldn’t be one bigger person in your relationship that should act as a responsible adult and guide the other one through this tough period. You two need to take each other’s hand and make things right together, as a couple.

Face Your Problems

If you let fear guide your decisions, the only thing you could possibly result is a passive-aggressive response – one part of you will fight to solve problems in your relationship, while the other will be frightened because of the things that might happen or old issues that might come to the surface.

The fact is you can’t allow this to happen. Running away from your problems is actually running away from your partner. I know how exhausted you might feel right now – sarcastic comments, lack of desire for communication, the looks and the whole tension-filled atmosphere probably makes you want to scream. Instead of looking at your partner with resentment, you need to face your problems daringly.

Seek for Proper Guidance

Hitting rock bottom has an positive side – you can’t possibly sink any lower. You two need to pick yourselves up and ask for help. As I already mentioned, all couples share a unique bond and there’s not a relationship in the world quite like it. That is the reason why your bond needs a special kind of treatment for it to heal and grow.

With psychotherapy, you’ll be able to find the truth. When you’re unable to communicate with your partner, you need a medium – a tool if you will – that will help you read between the lines, and not just hear, but listen to what your partner has to say. My role here would be to assist you when it comes to transferring that message you want your partner to receive, just without all those things you have fogged it with. It’s only natural for you to put up walls and allow your defense mechanism to do its thing, but that is not what you truly want, is it? When you’re confused and you don’t even know how to start tearing those walls down, I will be there to help both of you find a zone of comfort and understanding.

Sometimes, issues can be buried deeply in your subconscious, and getting through to them might be more difficult than using tools of psychotherapy. With hypnosis, your body will be in a state of deep relaxation, your conscious self won’t be able to get in the way, and you’ll be able to explore the subconscious hallways of your mind. Because of an event that caused some kind of trauma, you might be unable to confide to your loved one. Whether you’re aware of it or not, that kind of event can prevent you from building an honest, deep and caring relationship you’d like to have with your partner. You should know that hypnosis can be quite helpful with this matter, and I’d like to be a part of your journey towards true happiness in your relationship.

When you two are spiritually disconnected, the source of your issues may come from an imbalance of Life Force Energy. Through the techniques of Reiki, I could influence that energy, channel it properly and help you deal with all your negative emotions and the various disturbances your relationship has gone through, and relieve you of that build-up tension.

My experience has showed that some troubled couples simply don’t know how to express themselves properly. With a practical appliance of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I can help you determine how your subconscious manifests through your everyday behavior, help you understand it and direct it through sentences, thoughts and feelings. This will not only do miracles for your relationship, but also improve your communication skills in general, be useful with controlling your emotional states and processing your thoughts more successfully.

You need to understand that things aren’t as complicated as they seem to be. Being burdened with emotions that you don’t even understand can prevent you from seeing this. When you finally understand your basic needs, you’ll be able to realize that life is simple, and that simplicity is the secret to happiness.

Is your life filled with love?

Do you enjoy your work?

Have you found your ideal mate?

Life is not as complicated.

Rapidly achieve change.

Is your life filled with love?

Do you enjoy your work?

Have you found your ideal mate?

Life is not as complicated.

Rapidly achieve change.