Is your life filled with love?
Do you feel happy most of the time?
Are you excited about each new day?
Do you enjoy the present and look forward to the future?

How we feel about ourselves and our relationships can be experienced through our daily interactions and our internal responses to them. If we feel cheated or deprived, unhappy, stuck, fearful or depressed-it is because we are not connected to the loving part of ourselves. What does this mean? We need to sort out how we perceive what is good and learn how to hold onto it.

The more you can fill up your own container of love-the better chances are that you can bring love into your life. The first steps in discovering love lies within you. Ask yourself, do you punish or reward yourself for your actions? Do you graciously receive compliments or ignore them? How you perceive the idea of love- what is good-is precisely what your world reflects back to you.

If you want more love in your life, then you must figure out through insight, and with support, how to define love, how to rectify it and finally, how to treasure and hold onto it.