Are you experiencing any emotional pain or confusion, which has threatened the peace of your life?

Have you been going through depression, low self-esteem or living in fear of anything that’s negatively effecting your well-being?

I am here to help you overcome and transform these problems.

By visiting my website, I guess you or someone close to you may have elapsed into this state. But, I am happy to tell you that you can overcome all of these struggles and live a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life. I am here to help you work through and positively alter these problems.

Pain and discomfort are part of life as we all suffer it at one time or another during the course of our lifetime. But, it becomes complicated if you do not know how to make it better and find a sustainable solution for it. This pain may lead to anxiety, depression, self criticism, low self-esteem and confusion. If the situation is allowed to persist without finding a workable solution, it can rob you of your happiness and make your dreams and visions in life seem elusive. Wouldn’t it be nice to relieve yourself of pain and replace it with hope?

I experienced first hand, both conflicts and challenges that threatened my dreams and visions, but I was able to triumph past these obstacles and transform them into gifts that would eventually enhance my life! My once painful experience has turned into many blessings! I started my own therapeutic journey early in life, and I’m quite sure it changed me in the best way possible. I did not seek out to become a therapist, rather it came to me from my trying to help others deal with their own emotional issues using my own experience as a springboard. Thus, I naturally became a caretaker/nurturer and a healer/psychic. I am so passionate about assisting others- it is my true calling.

Thus, I have been working in this field as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. During these years, I have had the opportunity to work with many people who are experiencing behavioral and emotional issues that are inhibiting their growth and have had tremendous success in treating them and restoring peace, serenity and confidence in their lives.

If you are looking for guidance and support through a challenging situation in your life, looking to break off from a bad habit, seeking for a lasting solution to your relationship or marital problems, seeking to restore confidence in any or every area of life, whatever it may be, then I am here to help you achieve it. You can once again become free of all these troubles and enjoy a happy and peaceful life, achieving your dreams and fulfilling your destiny.

My approach to psychotherapy is to fashion out an experience that is specifically designed for you. With my wealth of experience practicing psychotherapy in Los Angeles, I will help you to understand the reasons for your beliefs, your fears, and your behavior and then help you transform these old beliefs and behaviors which are causing stagnation in your life. By working together, we will create a method that will work for you and help you find happiness in life again and fulfill your true destiny.

In addition to  having a degree in Psychotherapy and a certification in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, the amount of time and experience I have in this field also enables me to apply insight, wisdom, expertise, compassion, humor, patience as well as “low-key” spirituality, necessary to implement a positive change in your life.

In the course of my experience as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, I have had the opportunities to have helped numerous people deal with issues in their life, some of which are:

• Those who want to understand and alter their communication in relationship to self and others.
• Those who want to reduce anxiety/depression in one or more areas of their lives, including habits and/or negative thinking.
• Those who are seeking relief from anxiety/pain.
• Those who seek to increase/enhance their athletic and or creative performance.
• Those who want to manage stress from different areas of life.

In all these areas, I am able to swiftly and compassionately identify the problem, which enables me to apply my skills as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP. This rapidly increases the connection, instilling hope and creating peace. The inspiration behind my work in the psychotherapy field is my passion to guide people to be their best self and helping them to achieve their dreams and ambitions. This is exactly what I am going to do for you.

So, if you desire to conquer that fear you have, that negative habit, that emotional pain or confusion that have made your dreams and visions in life become mere wishes, then I am here to help you achieve that goal.

Together, we can come up with a strategy that will enable you to live freely, peacefully, happily and easily achieve your desired goals in life!

Together, we can conjure up a myriad of possibilities, especially where you may have felt there were none.

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