What percentage of your day do you feel unhappy, anxious, depressed, traumatized, stressed, angry or frustrated?

It doesn’t have to be that way.
What if you could replace the many hours of negative feelings that cause so much unhappiness each day
with positive ones, or at the very least, neutral ones? What if destructive habits – to yourself, to your
relationships and to those you meet every day – could be replaced with positive actions? What if every
day you knew there were going to be interludes of joy and real connection no matter what else happens
to happen?

All of this is within reach. I’ve built a career helping my clients to find refuge and create possibilities. I
can’t promise you a perfect life but I can most certainly help you craft a better, and certainly less painful,

Caring expertise

I am a dedicated, caring professional who – experienced an array of effective modalities including
psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and more – can sort out and bring light to my clients when their trials
and tribulations become overwhelming. I have helped those who feel they have lost their way, lost their
professional edge, are suffering from unhealthy relationships or simply need the support of a
knowledgeable therapist.

The power of interaction

My first job is to listen carefully. Then and only then do I personalize a counseling treatment plan
designed around your personality, priorities, and problems. In the process, we talk about how you feel,
why you feel that way and how you react when confronted with those feelings. Most importantly, our work
together will help you handle emotional triggers so that the resultant fallout – be it emotional, physical and
social – no longer arises.

Success here means the minimization and then eventual reversal of the accompanying helplessness,
confusion or low self-esteem that seem to be so prevalent here in Los Angeles. Health, vigor, self-respect
and love is within you already. As a guide, I’m here to help clear away the noise and debris that are
interfering with all that is good about you and your life.